Ethnic metal jali cutting lamp
Thoughtfully Crafted Divinity


Ethnic metal jali cutting lamp
Royal. Elegant. Handcrafted


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About Us

Through stunning, handcrafted marble idols and sculptures, sparkling home and office decor, and presents that appeal to corporate clients and consumers, 

Jaipur Bizzarre wants to illustrate Rajasthan’s traditions and culture to the whole of the country. Astute Rajasthani craftsmen handcraft all of our idols and home decor out of the finest marbles. We provide everything from the classic to the bizarre to your homes and businesses!

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Exceptional Beauty and Heritage brought to life.


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Great Deals

We always Provide the best deal price not only for dealers for also individual products. “Great deals makes great relationship”.

High Quality

Quality matters when it comes to variety of products. We provide you the best quality products that will long lost for your lifeline.

Fast Delivery​

It’s no secret that everybody loves free shipping. We provide secure and free shipping than any other competitors.

Our Journey of creating memories
began with a single step
Excellent work and coordination from Ms. Bhawna. The murti is excellent and very close to what we selected. Got chance to see and check before delivery and final payment. Very nice experience overall. Thanks.
Yogesh Mahajan
I am so glad I found Jaipur Bizzarre. Purchased a Marble Ganesha Idol for my office and it looks amazing. Great artwork, excellent product quality and prompt delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks Bhawana for the awesome experience 🙂
Shikha Kalyan



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