Divine Idols and Handicraft!!!

Jaipurbizzarre aims to bring the traditions and culture of Rajasthan all across the country through exquisite, hand crafted marble idols and statues, dazzling home and office decor and gifts that appeal to corporate clients and consumers. We specialize in Sai Baba idols, have crafted and delivered divinity to many homes and offices. All our idols and home décor is hand crafted using the best of marbles by expert Rajasthani artisans. From the traditional to the Bizzarre, we bring it all to your homes and offices!

Recreated Ancient Marble Statues!!!

JAIPUR BIZZARRE recreated holy ancient statue of Madhya Pradesh Temple, which was present from 300 years ago. Those ancient sculptures are more valued and they represent the body as a symbol of spirit and to reveal the imagined shape of gods.

Recreated Marbles

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